Human Alfreds Krauklis

Many of Alfreds Krauklis’ confreres have passed their opinion on his contribution to Latvia basketball history in the opening addresses of the previous tournament programmes.

We – his family would like to tell what kind of a person Alfreds Krauklis was.

My father was born in Jumprava. His father was killed in the war fights near Moscow in 1914, and Alfreds Krauklis was brought up by my grandmother Ede alone in very modest conditions. When my parents got married, my father had to work in the fields in the country side, as my mother had a farm. He has reaped rye with two horse grain reaping machine and hay with hay reaping machine. Alfreds Krauklis was a simple, kind, honest and human man, and above all he loved basketball. He not only played basketball well, but also swam and danced very well. Continue reading